About us

SOGES Solutions was founded to create a company that will play the partner role with industrial firms in the private sector, from the SME to the multinational, to offer a full portfolio of services, powered by the latest technologies and driven by the business strategies.

The mission of SOGES Solutions is to create value joining the functional skills of SOGES S.p.A. with the technical skill of its professionists.

Through the complete handling of latest information technologies, SOGES Solutions can support its customers to design, plan, realize and manage continuous improvement programmes, integrating processes, organization and informatics.

Focusing on enterprises and delivering complete solutions in the information technology field, from IT consultancy to business process reengineering to company processes optimization, thanks to a "state-of-the-art" know-how, SOGES Solutions is able to deploy competitive projects in a globalized and everchanging world.

A flexible partner that can focus its customers needs toward "ad hoc" solutions and that can support them in their growth, in order to better value and defend the investments carried out.

For each company, to undertake the informatization process can become a fundamental step to the business sustainability. The IT area is the key factor for success. SOGES Solutions is the best partner to evaluate and achieve this change.

SOGES Solutions' expertise was built while working for primary firms. Its experts and its consultants have worked in different industrial sectors, both public and private.